Are you familiar with that saying, March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb? Well, here’s hoping that this winter that has been lion like at times leaves like a lamb…..and soon!

In the mean time, this weather cannot stop the Roundpeg blogs, if your power was out  this past week, here is a look at what we were up to in the blogospere:

Saturday – Do You LinkIn?

Different approaches to Social Media work for each of us, what works for you?

Sunday – Networking Tips

Stephanie Williams, founder of [alphaChicks] shares some of her favorite networking tips.

Monday – Word of Mouth is World of Mouth

The latest statistics for you numbers people to prove why Social Media is a viable marketing tool.

Tuesday – Earning More By Doing Less

Work smarter not harder to strengthen your business.

Wednesday – Cooking With Grease: Cookbooks and Accountability

We love cooking analogies at Roundpeg, here’s Jay’s latest take on his recipe for success.

Thursday – Data-Like-Me Research for Blogs

Guest blogger Rhoda Israelov explains how she “learns around”  to keep business blogs full of fresh interesting ideas.

Thursday Bonus Podcast:  Kenneth Cole’s Misstep on Twitter

While there are no firm rules about what to say, and what not to say on Twitter, today’s comments by Kenneth Cole, was clearly a misstep.