Today, Twitter is an integral part of my routine.   I check my stream first thing in the morning, and periodically throughout the day.  But it wasn’t always the case.  Three years ago, when I started using it, I was confused – why should I care what anyone had for breakfast?

As I have explored the medium, I have written about my experiences, and shared my views on how small business owners could use the tool to expand their marketing activities, or just have fun.  Over the past three years I have written more than 150 posts on the subject, share some of my favorite ones here.

Aug. 2008 – Friend Feed and Other Social Networks –  At this point I was spending a lot of time on social networks, but didn’t really see much business application

Oct. 2008 – Build a Professional Reputation with Social Networks – I began to see how Twitter could be useful to share what I knew, and expand my reputation as a thought leader in marketing

Nov. 2008 – Twitter and Microwaves – As Twitter began to grow more common I compared the acceptance curve to how microwaves were perceived by cooks thirty years earlier.

Feb 2009 – Twitter and Social Media in the Most Unlikely Places – This was the first time I heard about West Coast Taco, and how they were using Twitter to promote their business in LA. ( Little did I imagine, we would be driving around Indy following them for lunch just a few years later)

July 2009  – Twitter, Business and Birthdays – Exploring the power of using twitter for impromptu meetings bridging the divide between on and off line connections.

Oct. 2009 – Yes the Laptop is on Fire and Other Business Confessions – Great example of how social media has taken control of company brands

Feb. 2010 – Foursquare is Four times as Much Fun as Twitter for Business – The addition of geographic tagging brings real value to small business owners

April 2010 – Twitter is an Important Part of the Marketing Menu – A closer look at how Scott Wise has grown Scotty’s Brewhouse with Social Media

June 2010 – Roundpeg Radio – This little bit of Friday fun would not be possible without Twitter.

Aug 2010 – Would You Say That to My Face – Comments on the use and misuse of social media to attack others.

Sept 2010 – Twitter Your Way to Better Writing – By Allison, a look at how the discipline of 140 characters has helped her learn to make every word count.

Where will twitter go from here?  I am not sure, but I do know we will be writing about it as it changes and grows.