So the first week of the year is winding down.  Now is the perfect time to set those goals, outline those plans and get ready to really shake things up in 2011.  As you do, take a few minutes to check out what you missed this week on Business Notes From Roundpeg:

Saturday – Words and Pictures

Artist Juan Osborne demonstrates how these very different elements can be combined in a series of pictures created with words.  So my question today:  What can you create by blending things which you don’t fit together naturally?

Sunday – Dominate Your Destiny

I will be joining an all star line up as a presenter at the Dominate your Destiny conference.  Hope you can join me!

Sunday – Write Yourself a Letter

As the new year begins, take a few minuets to visualize what the year will be like.  Think about your business and personal goals and imagine where you want to be a year from now.  Think about what you want to achieve.

Monday – Twitter : FlashBack

Today, Twitter is an integral part of my routine.   I check my stream first thing in the morning, and periodically throughout the day.  But it wasn’t always the case.  Three years ago, when I started using it, I was confused – why should I care what anyone had for breakfast?

Tuesday – Creepy Guy In the Corner

Twitter is often described as an online cocktail party, where one always comes across the creepy guy in the corner. Learn how to not be “That Guy” in your Twitter conversations.

Wednesday – Social Media Stew – Feb 3

Back by popular demand, join us for a training session on the how to’s of social media.

Thursday – Raise Your Price

If you are like most small business owners you are not charging enough. A sluggish economy has trained customers to shop for lower prices and ask for discounts. And many small business owners are choosing to comply to make the sale.

Two other updates on Thursday:    Jabberwocky Tales from PR Professionals

Jabberwocky is described as a monthly rendezvous of Jabbers who willingly share their life stories.  Produced jointly by IndyFringe and Storytelling Arts of Indiana, Jabberwocky is a monthly event  held at the theater.  I am excited to be a part of the program

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