We recently finished a web project for Bodywise Therapeutic Massage located in Ann Arbor Michigan

When you look at the site, it is simple, clean, and functional, but there isn’t anything extraordinary about the site.  Despite it’s simple appearance, it is one of the most important sites we built at Roundpeg last year.  Why?  Because the entire process: selling/building/training/was done remotely.  We never met the client face to face.

For an organization as personal as Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm, this was a challenge, but what we learned in the process will be a huge benefit in 2011 and beyond.

  • Our Facebook fan page was a big part of our sales success. After checking out our website, owner Terry Caldwell went to our fan page.  There she got a chance to see the fun side of Roundpeg, and share in our adventures with the Big Ugly at Bubs burger.  The casual conversations on Facebook, made it easier to have more in depth business conversations on the phone.
  • We scheduled more frequent update meetings, via telephone so we were sure we were on track, and staying connected.
  • We had to work much harder on our listening skills because we couldn’t rely on visual clues to tell us how were were doing
  • When people come to our office, they are often greeted by one of the animals, ( Bonnie the dog, or Clyde the cat) offered Coke, coffee or water and comfortable chair.  To replicate that feeling over the phone, we made sure everyone in the office knew her name and project status, so when she called in, no matter who she spoke to, she never had to “introduce herself”

The results, Terry has a website she is very happy with, and we know that even though we are an Indianapolis Web Design company, we can handle projects anywhere in the US!