It is hard to believe the year is almost over.  Time has flown by as the entire team at Roundpeg has been working at full speed all year long.  And in addition to delivering great projects for our clients, we have been turning  out a ton of terrific content for the Business Notes from Roundpeg Blog.  And this week is no exception.  So if you didn’t have a chance to stop by this week, here is a roundup of what you missed.

Saturday – Celebrate Small Business Saturday

I know it is a made up holiday, but it is designed to encourage and rewared small business owners for shopping local, stimulating their local economy.  And while I stayed home for Black Friday, I will be out supporting my peers on Small Biz Saturday.

Sunday – Results: Small Business Facebook Study

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been revealing the results of our Facebook survey. This was a follow up to our Spring, 2010 Small Business Social Media Survey.  We had a great response and lots of interesting insight into how small businesses are making use of social media in their businesses. Now, we’ve compiled all of the results into one in-depth white paper.

Monday –It’s All About Klout

Since the dawn of social media way back in the mists of history, people have been trying to figure out how to accurately gauge the impact and ROI of their tweeting, Facebooking, and LinkedIn efforts. While there is no perfect tool, many social media specialists, including those of us here at Roundpeg, think that Kloutis the best tool currently on the market.

Tuesday – BlogTalk Radio – Roundpeg is On the Air

I have been podcasting for about a year and I like the results.  I typically record the programs using my Iphone or a microphone on my computer.  I edit the files using Audacity and upload them to Podbean.  People seem to enjoy the short programs, and web traffic and time on site increases on days we have a pod cast.

Wednesday –   Jason Falls Will Not Blog For Food

Speaking at a social media club event a few weeks ago, Social media Explorer, Jason falls was very direct in his criticism of social media “experts”. He referred to social media as an echo chamber where we simply talk to each other. He told us, he didn’t care what Chris Brogan thought about him, but only what his clients thought, since they were the ones who gave him money

Thursday –Who are You? Really? by Allison Carter

Have you ever met one of your heroes, and found out that they weren’t what you were expecting?  I have. Once, I met the Backstreet Boys. Totally exciting. Except not. They were late, slightly rude, and sort of dirty. So now every time I hear their songs, it’s tinged with that memory of the disappointing in-face meeting.