With the first holiday weekend of the season behind us, we are well entrenched in the period of great movie launches.  From  the long awaited Harry Potter, to the family friendly Tangled, each has it’s own sound track.

Sometimes the soundtracks are better then the movie. So what tops your list? Do your tastes run to the action packed theme from Starwars, or the harsh sounds of 8 mile, words which resonate like Rent, or sing a long like Mary Poppins?  What is your favorite show tune or sound track?

Tweet, post or email something you would like to hear and we will add it to our play list.

Remember the play list will be up all week. So send your song requests to @roundpegradio.

NOTE: The widget takes a minute to load, and you’ll have to refresh to see the new songs. Make sure your speakers are on!