As the week winds down for most folks it is just heating up for me as I get ready to head off to Startup Weekend. If you won’t be joining us, there will be summaries of the event here this weekend.  Be sure to check in and see how we are doing.

And if you missed any of our posts from the past week, here is a quick review:


 Iti’s Hard to Have a Dream Business with Nightmare Clients

We have been lucky the last few years.  As our business has grown we have the opportunity to be a little selective as we decide with whom to work.  Our clients become part of the family, dropping in for coffee, or a quick chat to keep us in the loop on changes in their business.   Read the rest of the post 


Getting the Most Our of 2010

At Roundpeg, we are big fans of WordPress.  It has allowed us to create a wide range of attractive and functional  websites for our small business clients.  In the past, we have built many of our custom templates using Artisteer, which made design almost as easy as point and click.  

However, a new template 2010, which is part of the standard Wordprss 3.0 package is quickly becoming a favorite starting point for our designs.   Learn about what 2010 can do for you.


Trust Us, We’re Experts

Everyone’s an expert at something. Maybe it’s how to fix a broken air conditioner. Maybe it’s how to design a safe and efficient airplane. Maybe it’s how to bake the perfect apple pie. At Roundpeg, people come to us because we’re experts at designing great websites for small businesses. More about web design/

Change Your Life in 54 Hours

What if I told you by this time next week you could:

  • Have a brand new job
  • Own a piece of business
  • See that crazy idea you have kicked around become a reality What if

Tuesday: The Key is In the Words

Search engines like lots of copy, containing key words, repeatedly if possible.   Your readers, with serious attention deficit want you to get to the point quickly. The conflicting need of these two audiences is enough to make even the most seasoned writer a little crazy.

Wednesday: 5 Reasons to Utilize Campus Career Centers to Find Future Employees – Guest Post

Both employers and students/recent graduates often overlook campus career centers as a resource for college recruiting. As a small business, there are many reasons to head to career centers at colleges and universities in your area to start looking for young professionals to work with you.  Learn More

Thursday: Two for the Price of One

At Roundpeg, many of the small business websites we design are fairly simple, containing a limited number of pages, and few forms.  Those websites are fun, because we can focus on graphics which will attract our clients customers, SEO strategies to drive traffic, and blogging strategy to help the small business owner round out their content.

Great Links:  In addition to things we posted here on Roundpeg, I read some terrific  articles I thought I would share with you.    Some of them are more than a week old, because I let things linger in my reader, so in case you missed them:

How to Attract the Leader of the Pack:  Liz Strauss

It’s Not About Influence, It’s About Trust: Jason Falls This is not a new article, but a great one by Jason.  And if you like the content, he will be here in Indy on Nov. 17 as the guest of the Social Media Club