As the leaves change colors, temperature drops, we know winter is on it’s way.  Here is a summary of the past week’s posts to read by the fire, or wrapped in a warm blanket ( or just sitting at your desk).

Saturday – Marketing is a Science, Not an Art

Recently,  I had the opportunity to hear Barb Gilles from Google speak to the Indianapolis BMA chapter. Barb’s lecture covered the changing business marketing environment.  Her overarching message:  business buyers aren’t buying at the traditional “Moment of Truth” (say, when you’re standing in the grocery aisle deciding which toothpaste to purchase). Read Jay’s notes from the presentation

Sunday – Small Business Facebook Survey – Part 4

While many companies are rushing to create fan pages, their social media programs fall a little short because they don’t clearly define roles.  They fail to decide who will create content, how often, and about what. Check out some of the results from our study

Monday – The Internet is Not a Fad

The internet is not a fad. While the majority of folks I talk to would agree, I am surprised on a daily basis by how many small business owners, and even a few consultants are still not sure.  Read More

Tuesday – Social Media Stew

One of the things I have noticed lately is the wide range of people jumping into the role of “Social Media Consultant.”  So where do I belong in that mix?  I think of myself as a social media chef.  I believe great tasting stews  and social media strategies need many of the same things.  Discover the recipe for a great social media stew

Wednesday – Words, Pictures, or Numbers?

Interviewing for a internship or full time position at Roundpeg is like everything else we do; high energy, lots of interaction, a mix of serious and silly and  a series of unusual questions. Learn more about the personalities which make up our team

Thursday – The Business of Running – Tips from the Road

A guest post by Sara Yelich – I’ve found running is an outlet for stress on bad days, a quiet time to brainstorm, and a way for me to refresh and refocus on life. I’ve also found that the pieces of advice and encouragement I give to (and learn from) my mom tie directly to my time on the pavement.  Read the rest of Sara’s insights here.

Crisis Social Media: The Cooks Source Case Study

On Thursday morning, allegations of plagiarism against a regional cooking magazine, Cooks Source, went viral. Thousands of irate citizens bombarded their Facebook Fan Page with hate mail. Lorraine and Allison weighed in on what the magazine did wrong, and how they could possibly salvage their reputation.