Small business owners who have invested $1,500 – $3,500 in their company websites are often frustrated when the site doesn’t instantly appear on page one of a Google search.  But this takes time.

For most searches, Google returns literally thousands for responses, and moving to the top of the list requires a concerted effort.   I found this SEO Success checklist on which outlines the critical components for the long-term and lasting success of your natural search engine optimization efforts.  If you are interested in improving your search position, download this list.  Print it.  Paste it to the wall and refer to it often!

Some of the key points include:

  1. Setup : Accept that results take time.  (Commit to the long haul or walk away)
  2. On-Site: Grow content weekly (Blog, Blog, Blog)
  3. Off-Site: Distribute Content Through Multiple Channels ( Comment on other blogs, write guest posts, share relevant links on social networks)
  4. Results: Review reports and analytics ( And make adjustments along the way)

Sometimes I have to take my own advice.   A recent check out our keys words showed that we perform well for small business marketing  Indianapolis, marketing Indianapolis, social media Indianapolis.  We are not however on the first, second or even third page of Google for Web Design Indianapolis and Public Relations Indianapolis.  Those two terms are going to get a lot more attention from us over the next few weeks.