What if I told you by this time next week you could:

  • Have a brand new job
  • Own a piece of business
  • See that crazy idea you have kicked around become a reality
  • Have a new business partner or new employee
  • Have completed the equivalent of an MBA in entrepreneurial studies ( or feel like you did)
  • Make amazing business and personal connections ( Met Brad Wisler of Sprout Box, Nick Carter of AddressTwo, and many more leaders in the tech and entrepreneurial community)
  • Learn to use new software
  • Do something truly different.
  • Win a shot at competing in a global competition

If I could offer you some, or all of the above, would I have your attention? Would you be interested? Would you invest a weekend to find out?

This weekend experienced and would-be entrepreneurs will bring their ideas and their energy to StartUp Weekend Indianapolis. This will be more fourth Startup Weekend, so I guess you could say I am a bit of a junkie, but each time is different, a little life changing.

  • We have a great location at the Purdue Research Center: Exploration Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241
  • We have terrific speakers sprinkled throughout the weekend to give us ideas and motivation
  • We have amazing sponsors who are helping keep the costs of innovation down ( Thanks to ISBDC, 21st Century Fund, CMC Media, BlueLock, Small Box, Purdue Research Park, Roundpeg and Ice Miller)
  • We have room for more..

So rearrange your weekend plans, come join us for some or all of the weekend. Who knows, you could be doing something totally different on Monday morning as a result.