I am getting ready for the Halloween weekend, dusting off my witch costume to scare the trick or treating kids who will come to our door on Sunday.  As I do, it is time for a quick look back at what happened at Roundpeg this week.

Saturday – At the Kitchen Table

I spent more than half my career in industries where the ultimate sale was made face to face across a kitchen table, to consumers who were not necessarily excited about the purchase.   Let’s face it; heating and air conditioning and insurance, are just not products people wake up excited to buy.

Sunday – Don’t Waste Time with Social Media

Social media and email marketing are an incredbile waste of money! That is a harsh thing to say, especially since I make a  significant portion of my living with these tools.  But the truth its, if you don’t have a plan to integrate them into a comprehensive marekting strategy, using Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are an incredible waste of time!

Monday – 5 Steps to Small Business Trade Show Success

Today’s guest post is from Reggie Lyons, our go to trade show expert from Skyline.  In today’s post he shares some great tips for anyone getting ready for fall and spring trade shows

Tuesday – My First Time

I still remember everything about that day; what I wore, what I felt, and what I was thinking.   I felt a vague sense of panic as I thought I might  mess something up. My heart was pounding, and my mind was blank.

Wednesday – Idea Virus – Something Worth Catching

Just finished listening to Seth Godin’s Unleashing the Idea Virus – I read it several years ago and refer to it often, but it was good to pick it up again.  Although it is not a new work, the ideas are as fresh and practical today as they were in 2001 when the book was written.

Thursday – Web Evolution

I was looking through some old files recently, and stumbled across some of the files for the first Roundpeg website. Sketched out nine years ago ,it was dramatically different in look, feel and intention to the site we use today.  Back then, I was focused on the effect and had several great graphics, with a bit of flash which were fun to watch, but didn’t really explain what we did.

The week also included some interesting posts in my reader.   Did you see: