Working with the same client over time allows us to try some different things yet stay true to their brand.  We have been working with Precision Comfort of Westfield Indiana for more than a year, developing seasonal advertising campaigns.

Precision Comfort Fall Postcard

This year we mapped out a two part strategy with slightly different offers for the fall and winter promotions.   Each card is mailed to about 2,500 consumers each week for an 8 week period.

To create fun, eye catching cards we challenged our interns Sharaya and Heather to each work on a design.   Sharaya came up with a a wonder leaf pattern for the fall card.

The combination of the safety message and expiration of the federal tax credit has really struck a chord with consumers.  We have  mailed out four weeks of cards, and the phones are ringing at Precision Comfort as consumers get their mail just as the temperature fluctuates up and down.

Precision Comfort Winter Postcard

Heather took on the assignment of creating a memorable winter card.  Slated to be delivered just before the holidays, the festive wrapping will be right in sync with the season.

Because the volume of mail gets so high in the last few weeks of the year, we are actually going to skip those weeks, adjust the message, and come back after the holidays, with one more gift for the home owner.

The cards are only 4 x 6 and I think our designers did a great job of balancing the client’s desire for content with the need for air to make consumers want to turn the card over and look at the back!

I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the spring program!