We’ve worked with United Health Actuarial Services (UHAS) for the past few of years. We rebranded them about two years ago and redesigned their website.  Every few months we get a call to work on a new piece of collateral, brochures, inserts and ads.  Recently, UHAS decided to expand their trade show display, so we had a chance to design additional banners and a tabletop display.

Working with UHAS is always awesome, because they know what they want but are open to our suggestions.  They understand the importance of keeping their brand consistent and their messages simple.  In addition to the tabletop display and banner we created for the show, we had a chance to design a direct mail piece which was sent to attendees before the event.   the pre-event postcard, helped introduce UHAS to a new market, and improve recognition of the brand  on the trade show floor.

We hope that the trade show was a big success, and can’t wait to work with UHAS again.

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