Every now and then we have are lucky enough to bring on a new client who has a good idea of what they want, challenges us with interesting assignments, and is fun to work with.  Hittle Snow is exatly that type of client.  Erik, the Director of Operations came to us, hoping to refresh the look for their snow removal company.  A division of a more well established, and well know company (Hittle Landscape) they were hoping to carve out a distinctive identity.  Erik was open to new ideas, gave us timely and useful feedback, and pushed us gently through several rounds of revisions, till both he and we were satisfied.

The logo was only the first step in a comprehensive project which will include a redesign of their website and multiple directmail peices.  The easy  communication between Roundpeg and Hittle helped the design project flow smoothy, allowing us to begin working on the other elements of the project.Blog Post Logos

About the Design

Hittle Snow’s old logo had some interesting stylistic qualities, bu was a bit dated.  Selecting the font was a challenge. Hittle Snow didn’t want to be too edgy, but at the same time, they also didn’t want a boring, typical serif/sans serif font. The font that we ended up using is a serif, but it’s very distinctive, sharp edges and subtle curves. We liked the H so much, we carried it into the logo.

We wanted to clearly communicate this was a snow removal company, and decided to add a snowflake symbol easily encapsulate who Hittle Snow was.  Picking a snowflake was also a bit difficult. We all know that no two snowflakes are the same, and we sure learned that! By nature, snowflakes are complex shapes, but we still needed a design that could be printed on trucks, embroidered on shirts, and used in lots of different collateral. After consultations with printers and embroiderers, we wound up with a great snowflake that strikes a balance between complexity and simplicity.

The customer is so pleased with the design, we have also created several variations for their landscape division. Working on this project was a lot of fun. Hittle Snow is a  wonderful client, and I think that in the end, we gave them a unique but classic brand.