Darren Rowse presented the  Seven Link Challenge  as a way to build content around a theme,  In the post you share seven links which drives visitors back to older posts they may have missed. I have  used this to highlight some of my favorite bloggers as well as some of my favorite posts here on Roundpeg.  And since I am also talking about folks who aren’t members of the Roundpeg team, there are a bonus seven external links.

In today’s post list I feature some of my favorites guest posts.

  1. Rhoda Israelov, author of Say It For YouEnough Already with the Lists (Ok, so it seems funny to incorporate this in a list)
  2. Robby Slaughter, Slaughter Development: How to Blog in Only Ten Minutes
  3. Josh Brammer, Spin Web: What Dora Can Teach Business People
  4. Barbara Weaver Smith, The Whale Hunter: Whale Hunting
  5. Micheal Reynolds, Spin Web: Referrals with No Strings Attached
  6. Scott Howard, Collective Wisdom Three Keys to Marketing
  7. Dale Collie, Who’s Your Travel Agent and Other Leadership Problems

Looking at the list, I realize it is time to start inviting more people to drop by and write something!  So if you write on topics relevant to small business owners, drop me a line, would love to have you as a guest.