One of the things  I enjoy about my job is the chance to stretch my skills to achieve ideal results for my clients. Recently, I had another an opportunity to do just that, as I constructed a web site for Karle Enviro Organic Recycling, an industry leader in bio solids management.

The majority of our clients are comprised of companies offering consumer products and business services.  As an industrial company, Karle Enviro presented some interesting challenges.  We couldn’t fall back on the same sources for stock photography since IStock doesn’t have a wide assortment of images of industrial waste so Taylor stepped up to the challenge by building attractive banners which brought a bit of life to each page.

Karle Enviro has locations in both Indiana and Florida.  While they are part of the same parent, the two units operate independently, with slightly different service offerings.  They wanted to be able to benefit from a single primary domain to improve their search visibility, while still presenting distinct faces to their clients.  Our solution was to create essentially three sites in one. The primary URL drives visitors to a landing page with a brief overview of the company and two large buttons driving visitors to either the Indiana or Florida sub domain.  All three sites have a similar look and feel as visitors move seamlessly from one to the other. However the banners have been modified to feature local phone numbers and contact information.

Beyond the look of any site, are the words.  Karle Enviro’s work requires such a high-level of expertise and we needed to support that image with intelligent, factual copy.  Luckily, the client was patient as we worked together to formulate strong, engaging copy.  I was lucky to have Allison around in this regard.

Karle Enviro is proud of their new robust, functional site, and so are we. This project gave me the opportunity the think in new ways and discover new tricks in web design. I couldn’t be happier about that (or my newly-acquired organic recycling knowledge).

To see the new site, simply visit the Karle Enviro Main Page.

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