I started my professional career in a retail environment; first on the  sales floor, then as a buyer.  I learned all phases of the sales cycle.  How to:

  • Create advertising which drove people in the door
  • Arrange displays and signs to capture the attention of shoppers and lead them deeper into the department
  • Approach shoppers, offer suggestions, upsell,and get the sale
  • Manage returns and customer satisfaction issues.

Thirty years later (yes it really has been thirty years)  I apply all those same skills  to web design .

  • Instead of print and radio I help clients create internet advertising to drive people to the site.   Targeted messages, intriguing offers and attractive graphics still move people to action.
  • Instead of paying attention to displays, I focus on navigation, and page features.  Where to place graphics, and how large the graphics should be is an integral part of site design.  As a sales manager, I carefully placed items which might sell together next to each other.  I use related links to other parts of the site, which bring visitors deeper and deeper into the content
  • Special offers and conversion forms allow you to connect with customers, identifying specific interests to you can ” find a belt to match their dress” .
  • Today it is easier then ever to monitor customer opinion, through surveys and feedback forms.

Same skills, different applications, so when I am stumped for an idea to finish out a web project, I simply walk the aisles in a retail shop. Of course, I usually have to buy something too.

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