by Kelly Rogers,

I’ve been at Roundpeg for five weeks now and let me tell you, it’s definitely not what I expected.  In fact, it’s blown my expectations out of the water.  Every day I face new challenges, tackle new assignments, and have fun along the way.  I could not ask for a better staff to help me understand HTML, WordPress, and how to check-in on foursquare.

Not only am I getting valuable learning experience at Roundpeg, I am also exploring new cultures… through dining.  Who knew it was possible to look forward to Mondays at work?  Every other Monday the Roundpeg crew heads out to a new restaurant for what we like to refer to as “adventures in dining.”  I have been fortunate enough to experience these fine cuisines before, but my boss Jay has not.  So far we’ve all enjoyed watching Jay try Thai, Indian, and Greek food for the first time. Of course, in return, we will be checking out a KFC Buffet.

Another highlight for me has been the launch of our very own Roundpeg Radio.  Every Friday we accept tweeted song requests (@roundpegradio) and stream them live from our website.  I’ve had a blast jamming out to the playlist with the rest of the crew, not to mention it magically helps the weekend get here a little faster! ( And from a business perspective, the software we found to run the application has made it’s way onto two client websites)

Now that I’ve made it sound like we never actually work at Roundpeg, I guess I should summarize what they’ve had me working on this past month.  I’ve enjoyed helping design websites on WordPress, going with Jay to some one-on-ones, attending networking events, and getting to know our clients.

My biggest struggle so far has been learning how to get the best results from my research.  I have found it hard to scroll through databases such as Google Reader and select relevant, credibie informaton for our clients. So if you have any suggestions to make that task easier, feel free to share them here.