Every once in a while, we get a client who doesn’t just talk about wanting the best ranked website in their field, they are committed to going the extra mile to stand head and shoulders above their competitors. Dr. Jeff Yoder of Meridian Chiropractic is one of those clients. Dr. Yoder understands the importance of measuring each and every marketing effort he puts forth when trying to reach clients.

When we build sites in WordPress, we do several things to improve the overall search rankings of a site. We use All-In-One SEO to title pages. We work with the clients to develop a list of key words to be used in their posts.  And then, after we build the site we train our clients how to manage their sites. Once complete, the responsibility is theirs to continue creating fresh, relevant content to maximize their SEO efforts. It’s important that clients create new blog posts and use the tools we give them to put their websites in the best position to be successful.

Often, our clients adopt a set it and forget it attitude.  However, Dr. Yoder has continued to challenge us to find additional ways to help increase his visibility on the keywords  he wants to build his SEO strategy around.

He caters to busy professionals who need a chiropractor located in downtown Indianapolis. For him, the words “Indianapolis chiropractor“, “downtown chiropractor“, and “Meridian Chiropractic” are keywords Dr. Yoder wants his site strongly associated with.

Dr. Yoder has  been tracking his progress from obscurity to visibility on search engines.  He has seen progress and we now as he continues to ad fresh content and optimize each new post for search engines, his rankings will continue to improve.

We always love when clients take an active role in their marketing success. It’s that drive that separates most successful business owners from the pack.