This is the second in a series of posts inspired by Darren Rowes Seven Link Challenge ..  Today’s posts features links to posts by members of my team.

One of the coolest things that has happened over the last few months, is how many really great posts the members of the Roundpeg team have written.  They each have their own style, and bring something unique to the blog, giving it a wonderful mix of flavors.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

  1. From Jay: What Websites Have in Common with a Trailer Park
  2. From Taylor: So many good choices, but I had to go with: I Don’t Love Hearts and Flowers
  3. Allison hasn’t been here very long, but she is a writer, so I had so many great posts from which to choose.  I finally decided on this one: Bad Customer Service is Worse PR
  4. We’ve had a number of talented interns over the last few yeas, and I went back into the archives for this one by Neil Chaggra who was at Roundpeg last fall: Tie Your Shoes
  5. And this one by Melinda Cooper: Retweeting is What Makes Twitter Work
  6. From one of our team of current intern’s Kelly Rogers: Music, Food and a Bit of Research. The Life of a Roundpeg Intern
  7. And finally a sentimental favorite.  Although my daughter Michelle no longer works here at Roundpeg, I had to include my favorite post by her:  First Post by First Daughter

These are my favorites.  Did I miss one of yours?