It’s been an amazing summer here at Roundpeg. Allison, Taylor, and Jay are all hitting their stride and constantly coming up with ideas to serve our clients in new and exciting ways, and we’re lucky enough to have four fabulous interns to assist us.

Emily came up with the idea of creating a custom landing page for our Facebook Fan Page (Please Like us!) and Dan and Heather did an awesome job implementing it. Thanks to Kelly, our WordPress pages are filled with unique new plug-ins.

Jay’s been taking the lead on increasing our involvement with AddressTwo, while Allison’s been focused on behind-the-scenes logistics. Taylor’s been driving our successful Business Card Makeover contest.

And me? I’ve been working to support my team and make sure  they have all the tools they need to keep up the good work. How do I know it’s good work? We’re starting to see imitators pop up with ideas that are remarkably similar to our own.

And we all know that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.