We’ve been talking a lot lately about what makes a bad business card: hard to read, printed on computer paper, and just plain ugly. So it’s about time we show you some examples of good design.  Draw inspiration from these examples, but remember your card should ultimately reflect who you are, not just look cool and flashy.

All photos are drawn from this great article. Check it out for dozens of more examples of great cards, as well as some tips on designing your own card.

lunaluxmatthewmiller1alterpopSimple Business Card Designs Can Be Beautiful

A good business card doesn’t have to be crazy and avant garde: classy and elegant work well, too.


stephanietowellthedarlingroommio dioUnusual Shapes Can Create a Striking Design for Your Card

When you have a bit more in your business card budget,  try playing around with shapes for a slightly different feel.

You can keep the standard business card size, but bring a whole new sensibility to your card.  These designs are memorable, but remember your production cost will be much higher.

Want a New Design for Your Business Card?

If any of these beautiful business cards have inspired you to make a change give us a call.  We would love to help!