The more I learn about internet marketing and effective use of social media the more I am convinced it isn’t really any different then traditional marketing.   Amanda Brooke writing for Drop Ship News identified five reasons a social media campaign might not deliver the results you seeking.

Take a look at her list and ask yourself this question – Is there anything on this list which doesn’t apply equally to the off line world?

  1. Targeting the wrong demographic – This needs no translation
  2. Failure to use good SEO – In the off line world it would translate to:  Failure to use good advertising strategy, placing media in the wrong places
  3. Your content and contributions were substandard – Offline:  Your ads are cheesy, poorly designed or uninteresting
  4. You came across as shady and untrustworthy – Again, no translation needed
  5. You spread yourself too thin – On or offline, you can not be all things to all people.  Decide where you can be most effective, and commit!

Do you have other examples of how the rules on and off line are the same?  Share them here.