Here is what your score tells us about your website:

30-35: Congratulations, your high score tells us, you have all the basics covered.  You are doing a good job of making clients and prospects feel welcome.

As a matter of fact, we  would love to hear any tips you might have for other small business owners…please share them in the comments section below.

20 -30: You have the foundation, but your mid-range score indicates there are opportunities for improvement. You have a functional site, but are you maximizing your multimedia potential? How well does your site rank on search engines? At this level, you want to make sure to increase engagement through videos, podcasts, and links to social media. Also take a look at your navigation make sure it is easy for visitors to move through your site.

Below 20: You’re missing major opportunities to make a positive impression on clients and prospects.  Take some time to review the suggestions in this blog post which will give you some ideas on where to start with your website update.  Sometimes even a small change, like adding a blog or video can make a huge impact on the effectiveness of  your site.

Think it is time for an upgrade?  We would love to help you redesign your website. Contact Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm.