At Roundpeg, we hate being put in a box. Every one of the VP’s has an area of expertise (Taylor has been called “the Picasso of Graphic Design” and Allison could use her writing talents to make a police blotter poetic.) However, we all relish the challenge to try and learn new things to round out our skills.

I love marketing, and while web design is fun, I have a passion for creating an overarching business strategy which looks at the “big picture.” Obviously, in school, I learned the theory of how to craft a business strategy, but the application of that theory is something I can only learn through real-world experience.

Luckily, Lorraine is allowing me to help develop a client’s business plan. I’ve had a chance to see all of the theory I studied in college put into action as we work through the details of a fairly complex business model.

The client came to us because they hope to get a bank loan to buy a building which will house their wellness clinic. The plan is further complicated because they will also be selling a line of private label products through the clinic and in an online store. Sorting through the plan for each segment of the business and working with accountant Larry Marrietta and Attorney Matt Griffith to fill in the legal and financial aspects has allowed us to develop a document the client will be able to take to a bank, but more importantly also use to run their business.

So far it’s been a great experience. It’s a lot harder then they made it seem in school, but incredibly rewarding to help a client realize their vision.  I’m really excited to see the finished business plan…and know that I had a hand in creating it.


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