I think business owners need a plan.  Of  course I write them for a living, so some people will say  I am simply approaching every project with the same hammer.  I don’t agree.   While plan outlines may differ, the process of thinking about your business is fairly straightforward.

In a recent post,  Seth Godin shared what he believes to be the appropriate outline for a busiess plan. It contains only five sections:

  • Truth – What is happening in the market
  • Assertions – What you think you offer
  • Alternatives – Possible outcomes
  • People – Who will make it happen
  • Money – How much will you need, how much will you make

While not as complex as other models I have seen, I think it hits the highlights.

What about you?  What are the critical elements of your business plan?


Want a more detailed outline?  Check out our free small business plan outline, and simple eCourse.