As the small business owners we work with look for new ways to drive repeat traffic to their website and convert prospects to clients we often suggest a “drip campaign.” What is a drip campaign?  Drip campaigns, are targeted email campaigns which are delivered or “dripped” to prospects at regular intervals.

The daily, weekly, or monthly campaigns deliver relevant content to a select group of individuals who have “opted in” to the program.  Requiring that your receive permission to send the email insures your audience will be receptive to the messages when they arrive.  Then each email in the campaign has links which bring the reader back to your website again and again.

At Roundpeg we have been experimenting with a number of different campaigns, but the most effective has been our series on How to improve your website. Prospects can enroll in the campaign through a link in our website, or we often add individuals after we have talked to them about updating their website. In both cases, once we enroll them in the campaign, they will receive a new tip via e-mail every seven days. This allows us to stay top of mind with potential customers, without the headaches associated with remembering to send each an e-mail each week.   And the results?  Our web design business is up 25% over the same period last year.  The campaign has played a significant role in that change.

While there are a number of tools which will allow you to manage a Drip Campaign, we have selected AddressTwo.  Created by Nick Carter, the program offers a robust combination of email, direct mail, project management and CRM functions. With it, managing multiple drip campaigns has been a snap.  For us, adding drip campaigns has had a positive effect on our marketing efforts, keeping us top-of -mind and establishing a consistent dialogue with both current customers and prospects.

If you would like to learn more about Drip Campaigns, I would love to talk to you!