We had a chance to apply our web development skills to a really fun project.  We had a chance to create a website for a youth program; The Future All Stars.

Unlike many of the “business” websites we create, this one features bright colors, and  much more “fun” feel.   The program organizer James Webster is passionate about a creating a program where children can relax, enjoy themselves, and have fun! The program provides a safe, family-friendly environment filled with fun sports-related activities.

Since the website is based around an event, it was important that we provided enough functionality to accommodate people who wanted to register online as well as register through the mail. This is one area where our use of Formstack came in quite handy. Not only did we provide registration functionality, but we provided an opportunity for potential sponsors to sign up for event sponsorship.

future allstarsAnother tool we used to really bring the site to life was Animoto. The Animoto site allows users to take photos and turn them into a thematic slide show, something that we felt would greatly benefit the multimedia aspect of the site. On each page, you’ll notice the Animoto reel we created just for Future All-Stars.

Finally, we needed a really nice graphic display for the front page-something that would jump out at greet people to give them a great first impression when they visited the Future All-Stars site. That’s where our virtuoso of a graphic designer, Taylor Brough, stepped in. Taylor created three awesome graphic designs to scroll along the front page and greet new visitors. This was, without a doubt, the client’s favorite part of the new site.

Below you can see what the site ended up looking like. We’re awfully proud of the way it turned out, and the client loves it. When you get a chance, check it out here!

Also, if you find that you have any additional questions, please contact us at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm.