With all the emphasis on social media, it is easy to assume we have moved well past email, but that is not the case.  For certain types of communication to your customers and prospects, email is still an incredibly effective tool!

If you are sending “company newsletters” with long articles,  and multiple offers so there is something for everyone, you are probably missing the mark.  On the other hand if you are segmenting your lists and delivering simple focused messages email can still be a valuable way to stay connected.  Here are just a few examples:

  • An optometrist we work with sends monthly emails to remind patients to change their contacts
  • An HVAC contractor uses an automated tool to set up a two part campaign. The first email is sent right after the project is completed.  The second automatically goes out 11 months later to remind them to have him back for an annual check up .
  • We offer many training programs in which the lessons are delivered via email with links to additional content on the our blog.
  • A DJ who sends a link to the song of the week and a link to download it from iTunes.

As you are thinking about your email program take a look at this list of suggestions from Karen Banan