Hello blog world!  My name is Kelly Rogers and I am Roundpeg’s marketing intern for the summer.  I am a junior at Purdue University (I have a feeling I may be butting heads with the IU fans around the office) majoring in advertising and public relations.

I am an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and a member of PRSSA and AAF.  I have lived in the Indianapolis area for the majority of my life and I can’t wait to start networking and meeting other Indy-area social media enthusiasts like myself (follow me on Twitter @kellyarogers).

This summer I am looking forward to acquiring new skills which  I would never learn in the classroom.  For example: Purdue, along with many other universities, does not offer a class on social media and social networking.  It never occurred to me how useful these websites can be for business professionals and small-business owners.

Social media makes it easier than ever to effectively reach target markets and attract new customers.  I thought I had the bases covered with Twitter and Facebook, but with this internship I am quickly learning  those websites are just the surface of the social networking world.  Quote me on this; I will be the mayor of something on foursquare by the end of the summer!

There are countless opportunities and advantages of interning with a smaller marketing company.  Roundpeg’s post on IndianaINTERNnet said: “no two days will be the same,” which is exactly what I am looking for in an internship.

During my time here at Roundpeg I look forward to working on anything and everything marketing-related.  I am very excited to attend client meetings, networking events, write blogs, build websites and do whatever else Jay and Lorraine throw my way.  Already on my first day I attended my first project meeting and sat through a crash-course on two lifesaving tools: WordPress and AddressTwo.  When I return to West Lafayette in the fall, I am confident that Roundpeg will have provided me with the tools and knowledge I need to have success in the “real world.”