I’ve been attending networking events on a regular basis since I started working at Roundpeg almost two years ago. At each event, I am surprised  by how many people starting businesses are not using professional looking business cards.

We like to have fun here at Roundpeg especially as the days become brighter so after a conversation with Lorraine, we have decided to offer a creative solution for some of these Ugly Business Cards.  This summer we will be running a  Business Card Makeover Contest.


You might qualify for this contest if your business card

  • is ugly
  • was created using a Vistaprint – Extra points if it has the Vistaprint logo on the back
  • was created using Word or Publisher
  • uses clip art as pat of the design.

To enter our Makeover Contest you must complete the form below and do one of the following:

  • mail us a copy of your card  – Roundpeg 1003 East 106th, Indianapolis, IN 46280
  • fax a copy of your card – 317-569-1389
  • Send a copy of your card to me via email Taylor @roundpeg. biz
  • drop off your business card at any Rainmaker event where you see the business card makeover bucket

Be aware that by submitting your business card, you agree to allow us to feature your card in Roundpeg’s marketing and promotions.

There will be three lucky winners ( one each month May, June and July) All cards will be evaluated by the team at Roundpeg, and then finalists will be evaluated by members of the community. The winner will be chosen by the 20th of each month, so we have time to redesign the cards before the Rainmaker Main Event each month.

OK, so now you want to know what the prize is?  The winner of the “Ugliest Business Card” will win a  Business Card Makeover.  We will create 2 designs for you to choose from and we will then supply you with 500 “made-over” cards! – This is easily a $500/value.

Winners will be announced each month at the Rainmaker Main Event. They will also be listed here on roundpeg2020.wpengine.com and let’s make it rain

And for those of you who don’t win?  We will be running a special promotion this summer, offering you a biz card makeover for $300 including the printing of 500 cards.

Please be patient, it may take a moment for the form to load.

Zip Code:
Yes: Roundpeg may use my card in marketing promotion.
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