Business cards take a lot of abuse. They are shoved into pockets, purses, and business card cases, crumpled in sweaty palms, and otherwise mutilated. So ask yourself: is your card up to the abuse? Is it too big to fit in a standard card case? Or is it so small that it’ll easily got lost in the shuffle?

And I am making a desperate plea to everyone: Please, please, please do not use regular printer paper for your card. It  makes us all a little embarrassed for you. Please pay the few dollars to get a sheet printed on cardstock at Kinkos. You’ll thank us in the long run.

We think the business card is so important, we created a Monthly Business Card Makeover Contest to build awareness of the differences between good and bad design.  Here is the winner of the May Business Card Makeover.

I think Taylor has done a terrific job with the redesign.  The final cards are being printed on 14 PT Cover Stock, with a UV Coating to make the color side pop.  They will be strong enough to handle the abuse, attractive enough to be memorable, and functional, because you can write a note on the white side when Christian gives you one at a Rainmaker event.

Business Card Blog Post

Did you miss the May contest?  Do you have an ugly business card or know someone who does?  We will be running the contest again in June and July, so it is not too late to apply now.  Simply fill out the form below and send us a copy of your business card!

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