At Roundpeg, we have a special place in our hearts for animals.  Just stop by some time and meet Bonnie and Clyde and you will know we enjoy being around animals. That love  of animals made the new web design project for the WellPet Clinics a lot of fun.wellpet combo

Their original site wasn’t bad.  The navigation was simple and the information was presented in a logical manner. But the site was built in a traditional HTML format, and it was difficult for the team at WellPets to update the site and keep it fresh.

Our primary objective was to create something the staff could update easily.  However, the grey and red with black and white photos of the animals was just a little drab so we couldn’t resist giving the site a fresh new feel as well.

The clinic had a fun logo which we brought out by using more of the orange in the design.  Michelle played with the colors until she came up with a combination which gave the site a much more vibrant feel.

I really love Taylor’s mural of the animals at the top, especially the German Shepard who seems to be pushing the title bar down.  (Taylor had a German Shepard when he was growing up, so he gave his favorite dog prominence in the banner and it really works!)

Other changes:

  • I think one of the main reasons people come to your website is to find your phone number, so I always like to see it clearly visible in the banner.
  • The doctors of the WellPet Clinic travel throughout the city, and so we added an interactive schedule and reservation form to the site.
  • The main goal of the clinic is pet wellness.  We added a blog so the doctors can share information and wellness tips for the owners of their patients.

The best part of the project was going to visit the doctors, and their pets to train them to maintain the site themselves.   They have lots of terrific ideas of what else they will do with the site over time, and now they have the freedom to do it!