What Websites Have in Common with Trailer Parks

by Mar 24, 2010SEO | Web Design, Blog

For many small business owners, the relationship between web site design, domain registration and web site hosting is often confusing.  Whenever we start a new website project, we always make sure our client is clear on the relationship of these three elements.

To explain how the pieces work together, we often use the following analogy: .

Your Domain Name – This is the address of your website.  Like a cell phone: number, you can change carriers or services, but your number won’t change.

You Website – These are the graphic and data files which allow your site to display properly when someone types in your web address.  The website is like a mobile home: You have everything you need to create a home, but unless you are parked in a mobile home park, there is no running water or electricity.

Your Web Host is , like a mobile home part. They provide the “hook ups” to the internet, so your website is visible when someone types in your address.

mobile one2At Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design company, we focus on the front end of websites, the mobile home itself.  We build all the features to make it attractive, functional and comfortable.  Then we rely on our hosting company to manage the domain registrations, and maintain all the important information the site needs to operate, such as the data bases which drive the site, e-mail accounts and interaction with the internet.

When most people think of hosting and domain registrations, they think of GoDaddy. While GoDaddy is extremely well known, promising to make hosting simple, we find that is often not the case. For our small business clients, we expect a higher level of service then they can provide.

trailer two2

If you have problems, or even simple questions, a call to GoDaddy will typically include a 20-30 minute wait before you can talk to a human being.

In contrast, we understand the value of time, so when we have questions, we enjoy the personal connection we have with local web hosting companies.We pay a little more up front, but the savings continue all year long.

Oh, and one more piece of advice. DON’T ask my boss how she feels about GoDaddy.

Note to my readers, Lorraine is responsible for the images in this post.