Revolution-Eyes – POP Program –

We have worked with  RevolutionEYES  since before they opened 2 1/2 years ago.  Every month we get together and kick around new ideas.   One of the projects we have discussed for monts  is a POP (Preferred Optical Program) which would offer vision benefits to employees in companies without a vision insurance program.

I am excited we stopped talking about it, and started designing it!   The program includes savings on :

  • Eye Exams
  • Frames
  • Lenses
  • Contacts
  • Kids Package

From a marketing perspective there were three distinct tpieces which made the project come together. The first piece was the folder. I designed this pocketless folder with the RevolutionEYES brand and “style” and also inserted the important information about the program.  The folder was designed so the “membership card” could be glued in place in each folder.

The second part of the process was designing the POP card. We wanted it to have an official “feel” so we had the artwork printed on a plastic  card, about the size and weight of a typical credit card. In additoin to contact information,  the card has a unique code for each patient which is used to access program informatio non the RevolutionEYES website.

The website was the third part of the process. We created a series of pages, incuding several which are password protected containing member informaton. The log in screen will give Dr. Ciano real time feedback on the effectiveness of the program, becuase he will be able to compare card distributoin to registations.

Blog PostWhile we enjoy every project, larger or small, it is always fun to have something a little more complex to work on which really challenges our design skills a little. We just deliverd all the pieces last week, and we are looking forward to hearing about how it is working the next time we get together at Bar Louis to discuss his business.

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