by Allison Carter, Roundpeg Intern

We’re continuing our discussion of the  Effect Web Agency’s white paper on the 3 major risks of casually investing in the Web.

Sometimes, having a poorly designed Web site is worse than having no site at all. As we discussed earlier, having no Web site simply doesn’t create an impression. But having an ugly, unwieldy, unprofessional site can actively create a negative impression. As Effect’s white paper aptly points out,  “…visiting a website or social site potential customers begin to infer a lot of things about a company’s identity, culture, and brand.”

A Web site says so much about you. An unprofessional, sloppy site causes visitors to believe that that’s how you conduct all of your business. As the white paper also points out, “The marketplace sets the standard for
what needs to be done to compete and win, not a preconceived budget idea.” So if your competitors have a great site, it only makes yours look worse in comparison.

A simple redesign can make a world of difference: According to a MarketSherpa case study, a user-centric redesign led to an 18.5% in overall traffic, and visitor loyalty metrics, such as time spent on site and page depth, increased from 4-15%.

What kind of impression is your site creating? If it’s not how you want to represent yourself, it may be time for a change.

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