Or How to Help Search Engines Find You without Boring Your Readers!

As a writer and person, I have many interests. However, as a blogger, wishing to cultivate an audience, I need to narrow those interests and focus on a few topics to help search engines and readers find me.

So, I write about small business marketing and business planning. But some times I get tired of the same thing.  I feel as if I have written it before ( and sometimes when I update a theme, I have!)  This creates a challenge because I want to keep the content fresh and interesting, but consistent.

I have studied a number of bloggers to see how they find the balance.   And some do it better then others.  One of the best is Louis Grey.  Primarily tech focused, he gives us an inside view of what is going on in Silicon Valley, human explainations of new technology ( instead of GEEK SPEAK) and the occasoinal look inside his personal life, and the challenges of raising twins. His recent  topics have included :

In contrast, local Social Media Expert, Kyle Lacy has moved in a different direction.  A year ago, his blog covered a wide range of topics.  Today, as his business has become more and more focused on Social Media exclusively, so have have his posts.

While I miss some of his customer service rants, and general musings, when I am looking for social media content, he is my first stop.   And his strategy is helping him win search. Just type “social media Indianapolis” into your search bar and see who tops the list!

Some writers have found the balance by creating multiple blogs.  ( I have no idea how they get anything else done).  For me, the balance seems to be, writing primarily about small business marketing, but allowing myself, from time to time, to ramble off in different directions and hope my readers enjoy the detour.

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