Around the world, large canyons exist because of the steady drip of water.  The small, but constant impact wears down the rocks, eroding the surface, and cutting a path where there wasn’t one.

The same process works in customer interactions.  It is easy for a prospect to miss or ignore one message,  a consistent,  small campaign, of email, print, or some combination of both, can wear down objections and open up a door to a sales opportunity.

At roundpeg, I have been experimenting with targeted drip campaigns or marketing sequences.  This is a process in which I identify a small audience with a common interest,  send them a series of messages  over time on a specific topic.   We have been really pleased with the results of our first camp How to Write a Business Plan in Ten Weeks.  As a result we have added programs on  Web Design, PR and have several more in the works.

I spoke recently with Barb Jones of  Stellar Infusionsoft Coaching about our experiments with Marketing Drip Campaigns or Sequences as she calls them.  It was fun to be the interviewee not interviewer for a change!

If you are still sending mass emails to thousands of people, you are probably being ignored by most of them.  Now is a good time to consider an alternative,  more focused approach.  There are a number of tools which will help you create  campaigns like this.

For small business owners,  we recommend AddressTwo. It is what we use, and have found the ability to do both email and print campaigns from the same data base a real plus. And in the interest of full disclosure, we are a partner provider for AddressTwo, so we can help you get started.

“For larger firms, with more robust requirements,  Infusionsoft offers many terrific features including extensive customization, templates for both emails and sequences, and trackable links that allow you to adjust to every choice your prospect/client makes or doesn’t make.”

This decade is about personalization, so consider using a drip campaign to personalize your email. To talk more about marketing strategy, give us a call at Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing company.