It seems like there is always something new to keep up with.  A new application, new tool, new toy or new website.   If I took time to check out all of them, I wouldn’t get anything done.

But everynow and then, one new application seems to emerge as a winner.   Recently, FourSquare has emerged as a winner for me.    What is FourSquare?  It is a mobile application, which allows you to tell others where you are.

It integrates seamlessly to Twitter, and the iPhone application is easy to use.  While that is all cool, the question is, why would anyone care where you are?  The simple answer?  It is easy to find your friends, promote cool locations and events, and now Kyle Lacy tells me it can be a good business tool and interesting part of your social media and overall  internet marketing strategy as well.

While I think the badges and “mayor” status are silly, I do like being able to promote my favorite resturants, coffee shops and art exhibits.   And for some of the small business owners who are our clients we are starting to explore how they might use Foursquare to expand their connections to clients.  It has great possiblities for any retail location and I think it will become a core element of the marketing strategy of many small business.

So if you want to know where I am, you can follow me on Twitter, or check in on my at Foursquare, until the next new toy comes along, that I think will be five times as much fun as twitter!