Business Plan Mistake #8 – Activities Not Tied to Goals

by Feb 18, 2010Strategy | Entrepreneurship

Many successful small business owners have more than a slight case of ADD. It is what allows us to juggle all the balls our business requires. Sometimes however, it is tough to keep one eye on the most important balls, because we are attracted to the small shiny objects. Allowing ourselves to get distracted too often leads to today’s mistake.


Business Plan Mistake #8 – Activities Not Tied to Goals

Your goals, once established, form the basis of other decisions. If your goal is to double sales in three years, your plan must include an explanation of the resources required to support the additional volume and the marketing activities needed to generate the additional sales.
If your goal is the destination, your business plan is the roadmap. Which route will you take? How much fuel will you need? How many hours will it take to arrive? What landmarks will tell you whether you are heading in the right direction? Avoid cluttering your document with interesting side notes and activities that do not move you toward your goals.

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