With a little help from Roundpeg, Make it Mowery has relaunched their website – www.makeitmowery.com.

The new website provides visitors with a more organized view of their wide product and service line. The addition of a blog offers visitors information on new trends as well as the ability to see what other consumers say about their experience with Mowery.

“Mowery is well known in the local community because we’ve been in business for 40 years,” says owner Chip Cochran. “While we wanted a fresher look, we did not want to reinvent ourselves so completely that our customers did not recognize us.”

An additional benefit of the redesign was the migration to a WordPress Platform.  With the installation of the “All in One” plugin, the site is performing well on search engines and the members of the Mowery staff can keep the content fresh with small, regular updates.

To learn more about Make it Mowery and to see the new website please visit: www.makeitmowery.com.

Also, please contact Roundpeg, an Indianapolis web design firm, with any questions.

Make it Mowery website 1