One of the coolest experiences I have had in the last few years is was a chance to be a part of  two StartUp Weekends.  And now, I am officially a StartUp Junkie.  What is StartUp Weekend? Imagaine living a year of your life in 54 hours. It is a year in which you conceive, build and hopefully launch a business.  StartUp Weekends have been held around the country,and three times in Indiana. We are hoping to bring SUW back for a fourth time this spring.

We held our first meeting today, and I think the program is going to come together pretty quickly.  Jon Speer has already made a connection for us to the Purdue Research Park by the Airport, and it looks like they are willing to host the event.  BlueLock is going to sponsor, providing the servers, and some financial support.

Interested in being part of the planning?  Post a comment here, or join the discussion Join the discussion in our StartUp Weekend Group, on Smaller Indiana.