Have you noticed everyone has a list of predictions for the year to come?  It seems everyone is jumping into the conversation with titles like this:

  1. eMarketer Weighs in on 2010 Trends and compiles a 2010 Roundup of Predictions
  2. Chris Brogan looks notes that 2010 Will See Consolidations and Fold-ups
  3. Forrester predicts 2010: The Year Marketing Dies
  4. Read Write Web tell us about 10 Ways Social Media Will Change in 2010
  5. MediaPost says that 2010 Is the Year Social Media Gets Serious
  6. Scott Monty has his  Social Media Predictions for 2010
  7. Forester Twitter gets serious or Twitter gets Bought

There are lots of similar views, with Twitter finally becoming profitable, and companies embracing social media as part of their overall strategy .  But what do you think?  What will the year ahead look like?

And, as a small business owner, which of these trends will be most relevant for you?