What do you do to keep customers coming back?   According to Seth Godin, what was once conidered incredible, is now run of the mill. The challenge to small business owners in a comptitive market is finding new ways to surprise and delight your customers.

Nick Carter of AddressTwo does that on a regular basis.   Continually working on new features for the software, Nick has added a WishList feature to the user screen.  Now, any user can suggest improvements, and vote on the suggestions of others.  New features with the most votes, get attention first. Nick is truly creating customer focused software.

My favorite eye doctor, Dr. Jeremy Ciano at Revolution-Eyes always has fresh coffee and Godiva Chocolate while you wait.   Makes stopping by lots of fun.

What do you do that is exceptional or surprising?  If you can’t think of anything, it is time to work on your unique selling proposition. Roundpeg, an Indianapolis marketing company, is passionate about finding what is unique about your business and showcasing it. Remember customers have choices, and they rarely choose on just price.