I have often used the farming metaphor when teaching classes on networking. In a recent post Chris Brogan channels the same concept with regard to your blog. Drawing a comparison to farmers, Chris lists 11 “chores” which should be part of your daily routine if you are serious about writing a blog

Some were things I do on a regular basis, ok not always every day, but fairly often:

  • Get your blog post up. Make it helpful, worthy of comments and unique.
  • Comment on other people’s blog posts.
  • Share other people’s blog posts.
  • Comment back to people who’ve commented on your blog.

There were other things on his list which are not a part of my daily routine, but should be, such as:

  • Read something not related to your market.
  • Connect with five people not in your vertical or your geography.
  • Reconnect with people who matter. Drop an email or call. Don’t ask for anything.

And finally there were ideas which had much broader implications.  These are things which are important, not just for my blog, but for business in general.

  • Look at the map of where you think things are going for your business. Anything change?
  • Read the “weather” from the blogs you follow. Anything there?
  • Think about what seeds you might plant for future projects.
  • Share at the farmer’s market your best yields.

When I looked at the list, I realized it is a lot to do every day.   I guess that is why farmers get up so early.

As I work with small business owners, presenting a list like this can be overwhelming.  My advice, mix it up. If blogging is not your core business, but a way of connecting with customers and bringing them to your core business, then create your own farming list, and include some of these elements every day.