I am currently enrolled in the Sandler Training program; through Trustepoint I am really enjoying the program, because it is forcing me to rethink my long standing beliefs on the sales process.

One of the important elements of the program is the notion of not giving away “free consulting” as a way to make a sale. The folks at Sandler don’t believe this really works, and they are starting to get me to believe it too.

Then I read this post by Seth Godin about the “first transaction. In it he advocates, that the first time we “transact, it is ludicrous for me to expect there will be money involved. Is he really saying the opposite of Sandler?

Not really, he suggests:

Digital transactions are essentially free for you to provide. I can give you permission to teach me something. I can watch a video. I can engage in a conversation. We can connect, transfer knowledge, engage in a way that builds trust… all of these things make it more likely that I’ll trust you enough to send you some money one day.

This feels like “free consulting to the prospect, but not to me. There is nothing lost when I share what I have done with others, or what I know through books, blog posts and video. The trick is to find the balance, build trust and credibility, without giving up what I get paid for.

I am still learning to find where the line is, so I guess I will continue to spend time with my sales coach, Matt Nettleton, who by they way, looks a lot like Seth Godin.

seth-godinAt least when they are sitting down 🙂