Written by Neil Chaggar

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”

I didn’t fully understand the quote when I read it but half-way through writing this blog post, I knew exactly what it meant. I came to the conclusion that most things change overtime, including technologies, economies, businesses, even people. What’s important is moving forward and adapting to those changes.

Over the course of my internship, I gained the knowledge that there’s always ways and opportunities to do things not only differently but better and faster. For example, Lorraine decided  in addition to writing blog posts, she wanted to reach her audience through another medium called Podcasting. Though we started from scratch, we learned enough about it for Lorraine to now create weekly podcasts episodes.

Another technological change we’ve recently come across is CoolIris. This modern tool has the potential to change the way we display media such as pictures and videos on our websites. Though we’ve played around with the software only for a short period of time, we look forward to many innovative ideas and features it’ll present us with in the future.

So as I end my internship here at Roundpeg and say farewell to my boss and my co-workers, I’d like to remind you all to keep moving forward, always have room for improvement and try new things in life.

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Neil C.

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