Seven years ago I discovered Constant Contact.  This powerful eMail tool has been an integral part of my marketing activities for years.  I have long been an advocate of the tool because if  done well, newsletters are a great way to touch your customers and potential customers. Over time, it can help build credibility and a sense of familiarity with your organization.

It is more challenging now, because so many companies are using email newsletters as part of their marketing mix.  But, if done right, they still add value.

The following tips apply equally well to printed or electronic newsletters.

Customer Focused Communication

Think about your customer’s issues, questions and interests. Focus on information that is interesting or relevant to them!

This may not always be about you. Sometimes the most valuable thing you can provide potential customers is general information which demonstrates your overall knowledge or position as a business resource.

Special Offers

Include special offers or coupons in your newsletters. Make this a regular sections, so interested consumers know where to look for your latest offer.

Short-term offers or coupons with an expiration date are more likely to make the phone ring, today.

If you do include offers, be sure to track the results. Over time you will be able to modify your offer to maximize the number of calls you receive from serious, potential customers.

Introduce Your Company

Newsletters are an ideal venue to help potential clients get to know the people behind the brand. Consider a short feature on one of your employees each issue.

Make your stories personal so customers learn what separates you from your competitors. Do you sponsor the local soccer team? Are your employees involved in the community? What are the values that really drive your business?

Getting Started

Your newsletters don’t have to be long. Limit it to 2-4 articles for a printed document, 350 words for an electronic one. Remember this is not a one shot program. You will tell your story over a series of issues.

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