As 2009 winds down, and I look at the P & L for the year, like many business owners I am disappointed.   Clearly this has not been my most profitable year. ( I am not alone when I say that.) While some of the blame lies with the economy, much of the blame lies with me. But, instead of wallowing in self pity, I know it is time to look at what we did and develop a new plan for next year.

Over the next few weeks, I will be rewriting my business plan, and deciding which strategies need to change.    I have already made a few changes and investments.

  • Enrolled in Sandler Training through Trustpointe
  • Changed the compensation plan for my employees to reward sales activities
  • Refocused on planning which was a central part of my early business success

Over the next few weeks, there will be more changes.  There must be, if I am going to be happier with my business performance next year.  What about you?  What changes will you make in 2010?