Written by Neil Chaggar

With so many new applications being created almost daily, it is rare to come across something which makes you say: “Wow… that is cool!” I had one of those moments just the other day when Lorraine showed me CoolIris.

What it is: CoolIris is a simple yet innovative software which showcases  media on your website. It displays both images and video in a manner of an interactive 3D wall in which you can drag your files to go back and forth, and make them bigger or smaller. Did I mention the installation is a breeze?!

How it works: CoolIris works with various different third party websites for your images such as Flickr, Picasa etc. and YouTube for videos.

Once you have uploaded your pictures and or video to these accounts, you can select just the content you want to feature on your website.  It works well with social media sites like  Facebook and MySpace too.  You can even customize the wall with your own background!

Why use it: If you deal with lots of images and/or videos on your website, CoolIris may just be what you’ve been looking for to organize and uplift your media content.

If I haven’t sold you on this cool new web feature yet, please go on CoolIris website and check out how simple it is to use and what it can do for you.

And check out the video wall I created for Lorraine.

Neil Out